Products And Services - Markets On Which We Focus
Electronic Payments Industry

Having been in the Electronic Payments industry since the mid-1980s, we are very familiar with the people, companies and equipment that focus on our industry. Micro-ticket financing is particular well-suited for the equipment utilized to support:

  • Credit and Debit card applications (standalone terminal and printer equipment and POS register systems)
  • Prepaid Industry products (standalone terminal and printer equipment)
  • Gift and Loyalty card applications (standalone terminal and printer equipment)
  • Remote Deposit Capture applications (standalone check scanning equipment)
Telecommunications Industry

As companies grow and technology simplifies the communications process, more and more small businesses are utilizing networking equipment to improve their internal processes. This equipment includes routers, servers and advanced telephony systems that automate a number of functions for the business.

Marine Communications Industry

As global commerce increases, the shipping industry continues to evolve to support the many needs of products being shipped between countries. Part of this evolution is the improvement of satellite communications from a ship, whether in sight of land or in the middle of an ocean, to provide for not only the ongoing voice and data communications needed for operations but also for providing personal voice and email connections by the crew members. This type of "crew retention program" is essential to morale and helping to decrease crew turnover. The satellite communications industry is rolling out a newer technology with greater bandwidth that more efficiently allows for all of these services. But it's all dependent upon the newer satellite technologies being installed on the ships, and RLC can help finance that process.


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